Dedicated Repair Desk

There is a dedicated repair desk at our head office, staffed by employees who have been specifically trained to deal with repairs of appliances, hifi’s, Tv’s and furniture. This desk is contacted by store employees when assisting customers at our stores but customers themselves can also call this desk directly on 012 3273530. Besides being able to phone in or visit any store to report a repair, customers can simply SMS the word “REPAIR” to 43756 and await a call from the dedicated repair desk within 24 hours or use the build in link below.

Company Policy

At Railway Furnishers we believe that our obligation to our customer continues past the time of purchase. Much importance is placed on after sales service to ensure that the customer enjoys the use of the purchase item long after finishing to pay for it. Surveys have shown that the level of service given by Railway Furnishers is the best available. Repairs are handled at store level directly with the dedicated repair desk instead of simply referring customers to suppliers themselves. This highlights Railway Furnisher’s commitment to it’s customers and ensures very fast service.

Maintenance Contract

Maintenance contracts valid for 1 year are available for purchase at the time of buying any electrical item such as a TV or Hifi or fridge. Customers purchasing this Contract are entitled to one years additional warranty after expiry of the manfacturers warranty. In terms hereof, the customer will not pay any repair charges in this additional year. Where a repair is not possible , the unrepairable items will be replaced at no cost.