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The Price You See Is The Price You Pay®

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The Price You See Is The Price You Pay!®

The belief in giving the customer the best possible deal to fit his pocket, together with the fastest delivery and best after sales service, has helped ensure unprecedented levels of loyalty.

Who Is Railway Furnishers?

Railway Furnishers is the only furniture and appliance retailer in South Africa that offers customers the opportunity to purchase on account without adding any extra charges such as interest, finance charges, administration charges or any other compulsory charges normally associated with purchasing goods on account. That why their slogan is The Price You See Is The Price You Pay!®

Why Should I Buy From Railway?

The price advertised is all you pay. Even if more time is needed to pay for the purchase, no charges are added to the original advertised price for the duration of the repayment period. Railway Furnishers will always consider your budget before closing the deal.

What is the range of products?

Railway Furnishers has one of the largest ranges of furniture, appliances and audio visual products in South Africa. Whether you are looking for a fridge, bed or a plasma TV, we will have what you want at a price you can afford.. We also have a large warehouse so we usually have items in stock.
Low Prices88%
Low Instalment96%
Large Range91%